Cedar Plank Salmon

As simple as this recipe was, it was absolutely delicious!  Next time I may uses a Cajun or Asian rub, maybe use shrimp, scallops, chicken, vegetables… the list goes on… There is so many possibilities you can do when using a plank.
With any untreated plank, you have to soak it first to prevent the wood from burning when putting it on the grill.  I soaked it for a little over 2 hours, using my lovely door stopper (my turtle) to weigh it down to make sure the entire board is submerged under water.
After taking out of the water, I dried off the board as much as I could.  I drizzled olive oil on the top of the board, and layed a bed of lemons and mixed herbs for the salmon.
I placed the salmon on the board, skin side down, seasoned it with cracked pepper, rubbed a mixture of oil, parsley, thyme and garlic, and topped with a couple lemons.
When my grill was hot, I turned down the heat to a low temperature and placed the board right in the middle.  I let it cook for about 30-40 minutes with the lid down.  I kept a water bottle close just in case the wood caught fire.  Once the salmon was flaking off with just a fork, it’s done. (around 130 degrees F)
Served right on the plank, this meal we had it with a summer arugula/spinach fruit salad.

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