Made Fresh Cookbook

I got an email today from a coworker with this fantastic youth friendly cookbook. I think it’s fantastic, not only to bring in healthy cooking for youth, but also for those beginner cooks who are looking for easy, yet healthy meal ideas.

I’ve attached the PDF version of the book, feel free to download it and take a look!

Made Fresh Cookbook – More mad feeds

The cookbook really breaks down the basics of cooking, including:

  • Nutritional needs
  • Food safety tips
  • Handy kitchen tips
  • Equipment guide
  • Easy recipes

We’ve all had Ramen noodles, especially during our college years, but they have a whole chapter dedicated to instant noodle recipes!  This is just amazing!

Cookbook breakdown:

Chapter 1 – More easy meals

Chapter 2 – Things to make with instant noodles

Chapter 3 – More things to make with eggs

Chapter 4 – Things to make with mince and sausage

Chapter 5 – Vegetables (soups, salads & sides)

Chapter 6 – Herbie gerbies (toasties/jaffles)

Chapter 7 – Sweet treats

Extras – Vegetarian recipes guides, shopping list

Happy cooking!

– Meeesh –

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