Cookbook Challenge – Recipe 2 & 3 Next Level Steak & Onion Sandwich and Spinach Bacon Salad

Day two of my recipe challenge, I was fortunate I was able to combine two recipes together… what else would you serve with a steak sandwich?  A nice spinach salad with bacon and mustard dressing!

IMG_0494 IMG_0497IMG_0496

The steak sandwich recipe was very time consuming, especially having to caramelize the onions in such a way.  I couldn’t find any watercress, so I used arugula instead.


The salad was simple enough.  Cook bacon, add pine nuts, toast baguette slices in bacon fat to make delicious croutons, mix dressing and toss… simple enough!

I must admit I’m learning new skills from this book already and I’m only on recipe #3.


Overall result the “Next Level Steak & Onion Sandwich” and “Spinach Bacon Salad” was a hit! Thanks again Jamie Oliver… you haven’t disappointed me yet!

Jamie’s Next Level Steak & Onion Sandwich Recipe (unfortunately the spinach salad is not posted online.. you’ll have to get the cookbook for that one!)

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