Cookbook Challenge Recipes #4, 5, 6 – Bolognese Ravioli & Tear and Share Garlic Buns

Yesterday, I got 3 more recipes down.  My family came to visit from out of town and I invited them to be my guinea pigs.  These recipes were very time consuming, but what else do you have to do on a Sunday afternoon?!  You make garlic bread and homemade ravioli from scratch!

Recipe #4 – Royal Pasta Dough

Recipe #5 – Bolognese Ravioli

Recipe #6 – Tear & Share Garlic Bread


The pasta dough, Pomodoro sauce and Bolognese filling was simple enough, what took time was the rolling of the dough and assembling the ravioli.  Surprisingly enough, I remembered the skills I learned in Rome when I took the cooking class for my birthday.  Even the man helped out!

*Note to self – you can never too much flour!  Some of my raviolis were sticking to my counter and to the cookie sheet.

 ravioliravioli 2

Overall result – Everyone LOVED the ravioli!


I’ve never made bread from scratch before, therefore I was a little worried about how this recipe would turn out.  This recipe took a good 4 hours, with letting the dough rise twice, assembly and bake time.

My mom kept telling me how good my buns were – They really did just peel apart!  I really liked the concept of putting bread crumbs at the bottom of the pan to prevent the buns from sticking.


Overall result – I will be making this recipe again, maybe next time I’ll add some cheese and add garlic inside the dough.

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