Cookbook Challenge 2.0 – Recipes 1, 2, 3

So here we are, at the start of this journey I’ve decided to embark on.  I actually have to give credit to The Man for this first recipe, since he’s the one who picked it.  We always grill our steaks, so cooking it in a cast iron pan really peaked his interest.  Therefore to add to it, I chose two sides… and look at that! We already have 3 recipes done! Only 97 left to go!

Cookbook challenge 1

Recipe #1:  Iron Steak for the Table

As I mentioned above, The Man is usually the one who cooks the steaks in our house.  When he saw that you can cook one in a cast iron pan (super shocking in know! lol) he wanted to give it a try… wait… let me clarify… he wanted ME to give it a try.  In all honesty, you can never go wrong with a grilled steak – although, using the cast iron to give it a good sear and based with additional flavours is really a whole other experience.  Plus it’s a good Option B when its raining or snowing!


Cookbook challenge 2


Recipe #2:  Cracked Potatoes

I’ve made this style of potatoes before, but usually I use baby potatoes.  It’s actually very simple, just time consuming.  What’s a better way to elevate your boring baked potato by smashing it and adding cheese?   Bacon… next time I’m adding bacon to the party!


Cookbook challenge 3


Recipe #3:  Aromatic Steamed Broccoli

I love broccoli, it’s maybe one of my favourite vegetables.  I love steaming them, roasting them, or just eating them raw.  When I saw this side dish, I was quite excited to try it.  It’s honestly one of the easiest, fastest side dishes you can make.   You can make this dish under 10 minutes.  The best part is that it’s not just steamed with water; the addition of garlic, onion, broccoli stock really adds a subtle additional flavour to your steamed broccoli.

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