So here we are, at the start of this journey I’ve decided to embark on.  I actually have to give credit to The Man for this first recipe, since he’s the one who picked it.  We always grill our steaks, so cooking it in a cast iron pan really peaked his interest.  Therefore to add to it, I chose two sides… and look at that! We already have 3 recipes done! Only 97 left to go!

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I will be embarking on a new challenge:  I will cook every recipes in a cookbook.

Here I will be posting my wins, loses, challenges, and overall thoughts.

Stay tuned, because the fun is about to start!

Cookbook Challenge – Introduction

Cookbook Choice – The Decision

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April is coming, which means it’s almost time for my annual trip. This year I will be heading back to France, spending some time in one of my favourite cities, Paris. Since I’ve already created a What to eat in Paris list, here is my “What to Eat in Paris – Part 2Read More

If you’re looking to revamp your boring old baked potatoes, this recipe is simple and will really impress your guests. Read More