About Meeesh

Within the last few years, I’ve really come to enjoy cooking. Trying new recipes, modifying them as you go, giving the dish your own little touch is was makes you recipes unique.
It all started on my 23rd birthday, when Thanksgiving happened to land on my birthday. Since at this time I was living Outwest, I decided that I wanted to cook Thanksgiving Dinner! Never having cooked a turkey before, or ever really cooked a meal for 15 people, I started planning my menu: from appetizers, to side dishes, dessert, and the bird itself.  I’ve seen my mom do it multiple time, and I helped (mostly with the smashed potatoes), but the thought of me doing by myself seems nearly impossible to do.
Morning came, and it was Thanksgiving day and my birthday! Keeping in mind I may have been a wee bit hung over from the night before, today was the day of my big feast!  So with my girlfriend as my sous-chef, we got to cooking, cleaning the bird, stuffing the bird, making the apps, etc….  I think that I may have called my mom every half hour to ask her what I have to do next.  My turning point to thinking cooking was and art/a talent/something very hard and impossible, was when the bird had been in for about 2 hours, the apps were done, the ham was roasting, and I had called my mom to see what the next step was.  Her response: “Now you pour yourself a glass of wine and you sit down until you have to baste again.”  WHAT?! you mean.. that’s it?! and yes.. that was it!  It seems to help when you’re able to multitask and organize yourself.  That was it! My first bird turn out to be FABULOUS!  Tender, moist, juicy… I swear it felt like I had been doing it for years.
And that’s how my passion for cooking started, when I realized I was able to make my absolute favorite meal: Turkey Dinner with ALL the fixings!
Stuffing the Bird
Making Apps
Making lump-free gravy from stratch!
The 2007 Thanksgiving Crew
VOILA! My Bird!
Just a glimpse of how much fun we had that day!

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