Cookbook Challenge – Recipe 2 & 3 Next Level Steak & Onion Sandwich and Spinach Bacon Salad

Day two of my recipe challenge, I was fortunate I was able to combine two recipes together… what else would you serve with a steak sandwich?  A nice spinach salad with bacon and mustard dressing!

Cookbook Challege – Recipe 1: Big British Meatballs

Yesterday was the commencement of my Cookbook Challenge.  In the spirit of the Super Bowl, not that I’m a huge football fan but you gotta watch it, I started off the challenge with Big British Meatballs.   I must admit, I had a couple fails due to my lack of attention…. I may have forgotten toContinue reading “Cookbook Challege – Recipe 1: Big British Meatballs”

Cookbook Challenge – The Decision

Last night I went to Chapters to look at both cookbooks, I wanted to see what the recipes were, if there were unusual ingredients that would be difficult to find, and overall if its food I would actually enjoy eating.   I really want to say it was a hard decision to make, but lo andContinue reading “Cookbook Challenge – The Decision”

Meeesh’s Cookbook Challenge – Introduction

As I sit here, waiting for my best friend to arrive, I flip through the channels on TV and come across the movie “Julie & Julia”, where a woman dedicates one year to complete every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. It has been a while since I’ve had aContinue reading “Meeesh’s Cookbook Challenge – Introduction”