Meeesh’s What to Eat in Munich and Rome

This year marks a big birthday for me, the big 3-0! I want to say farewell to my twenties and welcome my thirties with a bang. Originally, Ireland and Scotland were the destinations of choice, but as time went by, my other half suggested going to Rome. Since many flights have layovers across Europe, including Munich and we are going at the prime time of Oktoberfest, Munich has now been added to the itinerary.   I figured that since we will be visiting a Tuscan winery, and take a cooking class in Rome, I wanted to do something for the man – what’s better than the biggest beer festival in the world? So here it is folks, “Meeesh’s What to Eat in Munich and Rome”


I love German food – and a couple of my favourites are on this list:


These enormous pretzels make our North American pretzels look like amateurs. German pretzels are hearty, salty treats, and some would even say they are a meal themselves.


Schnitzel (Favourite)

Normally made with thinly pounded veal or pork, this battered and fried piece of meat is the one of my favourite dishes! My favourite is the Jägermeister Schnitzel, where it’s topped with a Jäger and mushroom gravy – melt in your mouth goodness.


Spaetzle (Favourite)

You cannot have Schnitzel without Spaetzle. Just imagine noodles that are little chewy dumplings.. yes dumplings! I’ve tried to make these once, and failed miserably. I’ll leave the making to the pros.


Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

A flakey pastry filled with apples and cinnamon. Not sure about you, but my mouth is already salivating from the thought of this!



If I could eat one thing every day, pasta would be it!


From zucchini to calamari, these fried bundles of joy will make you forget how bad they are for your waist, and will make your tummy and taste buds thank you.



A traditional roman dish, pasta carbonara has a beautiful velvety creamy sauce made with bacon, egg, and cheese. (This is one of my favourites!)


Roman Style Pizza

Roman style pizza is crispy, thin, and its toppings reach the edges, giving it practically no crust. I’ll have some for breakfast, lunch and dinner please!

Pizza Roman Style

Saltimnocca alla Romana

A savoury veal medallion dish wrapped with sage and prosciutto. The direct translation means “hop-in-the-mouth”, which is what I’m planning to do with this meal!

Saltimnocca alla Romana


Bruschetta means “toast”, and that’s exactly what it is, toasted baguette rubbed with garlic and topped with oil and tomatoes…. Mmmm sounds delightful!


Carciofi alla Romana

Whole artichokes with minced garlic and parsley cooked in olive oil. A little piece of heaven.

Carciofi alla Romana

3 thoughts on “Meeesh’s What to Eat in Munich and Rome

    1. I’ll have to try that one – sounds good for after a few beers. Mom and I got some beer steins last time I was there.. May just have to get a few others ones for the man and I. 🙂

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