Cookbook Challenge Recipe #9: Pizza Margherita

Pizza makes a regular appearance in my house, especially when I’m not home to cook, or if I’m just plain lazy. After visiting Rome last fall, the man fell in love with their thin crust prosciutto pizza. So in light of that trip, I thought it was time to give this recipe a try.

Instead of making my dough by hand, I did cheat a little and used my Kitchen Aid Stand Up Mixer. I did run into a couple issues, but only because I’m not a pro at making pizzas… at least not yet! This is truly an art that needs to be practiced.  Since this recipe is not online, Jamie has a ton of different pizza recipes on his website.

First off, my dough wasn’t rising – I don’t think I used warm enough water to activate my yeast. So I did was any logical person does, I Googled how to fix my dough. I ended up putting hot water in a pan and placed the bowl containing my dough in the pan allowing it to warm up and activate my yeast. It was a success!

Secondly, the recipe says to have your oven on really hot, but I think that having it at 475°F may have been TOO hot since my cheese was cooking way faster than the dough. It came out good, but next time, I may have my oven at 450°F instead.

Overall, it was a great dinner, and the recipe made enough dough to save in the freezer for a rainy day.



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