Meeesh in Paris – Day 1

After a long day of travel, we finally arrived to our destination – Paris, France.



With the time change and lack of sleep, our first day/night isn’t packed with excitement, but with the appreciation of the Parisian culture, cuisine and wine. For lunch, we stopped at a local Brasserie L’Atlantique for French Onion Soup and Marinaded Salmon on a bed of potato salad with 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc



For dinner, we decided to take it easy tonight and went to the local market to find some cold cuts, baguette, cheese and wine. Not only did we find Brie for €2, but their version of Kraft Dinner!



Meeesh’s Gourmet Hotel Room Dinner – €30 including 2 bottles of wine, plates and cutlery, assortment of cold cuts and cheeses, salad, olives and baguette.


Tomorrow, after a good night sleep, we’re off to visit the Notre Dame de Paris and the Latin Quarter. It’s now time to finish this bottle of wine and hit the sack…. À demain mes amis!

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