Meeesh in Paris – Day 2

Today was much more fun filled than yesterday. After a good night sleep, with some help of Advil PM, we were ready for a day of exploring. Our first stop: La Notre Dame de Paris.


The attention to detail truly makes this architectural beauty a master piece. Who would’ve though that without the help of writer Victor Hugo and his book “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, this cathedral would’ve been neglected by the public and never acknowledged for its beauty. It’s more of a museum now than a church.



Even the interior is filled with stain glass masterpieces, high ceilings, and stone columns throughout.



After visiting the Notre Dame, it was time to go to one of my favorite parts of Paris, the Latin Quarter. Filled with stores, restaurants, and artisans, this area can please anyone!



Then, time for lunch at La Taverne de Cluny for Quiche and Escargot and dessert at Amorino for some gelato.


With some entertainment lol


After people watching…. I mean lunch, it was time to visit le Panthéon de Paris. This church, Sainte-Geneviève, is huge with a underground cellar containing famous crypts, such as Victor Hugo and Marie Currie and her husband. We’re pretty sure either Sadi Carnot or Beaudin Jean-Baptiste was talking to us… I just think he wanted out of his crypt, must get pretty cramped in there!









After all that ghost/spirit encounter, it was due time for a glass of wine and relax before dinner time. We stumbled across a restaurant called La Moule en Folie, they apparently have been voted to have the best mussels in town, which they do! Not only were our mussels fantastic, but so was the service… I’m pretty sure the server will see us again before we leave!


Tomorrow, since its suppose to rain, it’s a good day to send the entire day in the Louvre. Bonne nuit mes amis, à demain.

2 thoughts on “Meeesh in Paris – Day 2

  1. Keep sending pictures, comments and love. We`re very
    envious and living vicariously through you. ENJOY!

    Sharon & Rob

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