The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion

Since before the Olympics in Sochi, there has been many movements from all over the world to fight for the human rights of the LGTBQ community in Russia.  The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion, who’s vision is to “be the trusted advisor for diversity and inclusion, human rights and equity and human resources practitioners, and the most recognized organization for diversity and inclusion in Canada’s workplaces” released a video to promote just that.

It has stirred up quite some talk on social media since it’s been released, but the overall message is what’s important.  The Human Rights act should apply to everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual preference, skin colour, religion or culture.  As mankind, we fought for a similar battle over 50 years ago, for the rights of African Americans.  It’s time to put an end to all this discrimination, accept everyone for who they are, and focus on ourselves rather than what others do, or don’t do.

Here’s the wonderful video promoting a great cause.

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