Cookbook Challenge – Recipe 7: Bloody Mary/Bloody Caesar Beef

I have tried to make this Bloody Mary Beef recipe for the past month!  I had my meal plan planned out, and since it needs a good 5 to 6 hours to cook, I needed a day I would be home.  But of course, life happens and every time I had planned to make it, something came up.  That’s when time finally permitted me to make this, I decided to veer away from the recipe a tiny bit:

  • I’m Canadian, therefore we drink Bloody Caesars instead of Bloody Marys.  Instead of using Jamie’s Bloody Mary mix, I used my MOTTS Clamato and made me a good Bloody Caesar mix!
  • Instead of sitting at home and waiting for the right opportunity to make this time consuming dish, I decided to make use of my crock-pot.  I put in the onions, celery, meat and Caesar mixture in before leaving for work and let my crock-pot do the rest.
  • The recipe calls to serve it with horseradish mash and greens, but I couldn’t resist the urge to make a sandwich with this wonderful meat!

Overall, I would do it again – at home while I can watch it.  I was paranoid the entire day having my crock-pot on without anyone in the house.  I give this a 2 thumbs up – thanks Jamie!

Now for the pictures!

Caesar Beef (3)

Caesar Beef (1) Caesar Beef (2)

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