Meeesh's Kitchen


BASILIC SACRÉ CŒUR I don’t think we’ve ever walked up so many stairs in our life! We visited the area of Montmartre, it’s similar to San Francisco, everything is either uphill, or downhill. We ended up walking up the 225 steps to get up to the Sacré Coeur – with a few rests along the way to enjoy the view. The church is absolutely breath taking, but unfortunately we were not allowed… Read More

Today we went to see the most amazing kitchen store I’ve ever seen. This store, I’m not kidding you, is like a Home Depot for foodies! They had aisles filled from ceiling to floor with 15 different sizes of whisks, pots big enough for me to take a bath in, copper to stainless steel pans, every kitchen gadget imaginable and so much more! Lets just say, I was in heaven!