Meeesh's Kitchen


This is great variation to your traditional bolognese sauce (tomato meat sauce).  Also, good for kids, by sneaking in veggies and getting them to choose the noodle shapes!  My “big kid” (aka husband) choose the wagon wheel noodle – He even has a song….. “Wagon wheel, wagon wheel, wagon, wagon, wagon wheel”

I love turkey!  No matter how it’s cooked, I just love it!  But we’re so used to the traditional roasted turkeys, it’s nice to have it in a different way.  I went on a limb here and decided to try something new, and it really turned out good.  I may be using this method on a full turkey or even for a roasted chicken… who knows!

Entered a Chili Cook-off, made this chili, I won…. Speaks for itself… That is all! 🙂