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Day two of my recipe challenge, I was fortunate I was able to combine two recipes together… what else would you serve with a steak sandwich?  A nice spinach salad with bacon and mustard dressing!

I love a good salad!  And it seems I always get them at my favorite restaurants, but never to really make them at home.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I will make more “gourmet” salads.  I will be honest with you, I never remember exactly how I do my steak marinades, it’s really depends on what I have in the house at that time and/or what I end up grabbing in the end. … Read More

Taco night is a popular theme in my house, but I wanted to try something without having to use a pre-made mix.

I felt like trying this for a while now.. and you know you always get those onion strings when you order a steak sandwich at the restaurants; I wanted to try and make them!  I may not make the onions every time I make a steak sand. because it is a lot of work, but it was an experience I will do again.