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Comfort food always seems to be the best option when winter hits and its cold out. There’s something about that heart warming, soothing dish that just seems to put everything at ease when it’s freezing outside. I like to turn to a good beef stew.

I love a good salad!  And it seems I always get them at my favorite restaurants, but never to really make them at home.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I will make more “gourmet” salads.  I will be honest with you, I never remember exactly how I do my steak marinades, it’s really depends on what I have in the house at that time and/or what I end up grabbing in the end. … Read More

Feel like a roast for dinner, and want something quick and easy?  This recipe is just what you’re looking for – simple with a short prep time.  Crock Pots are great!  You just put the ingredients in, close the lid and let it cook on its own.