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I’m always looking into different ways to bring in veggies into my dinner meals.  This simple, yet delicious dinner salad will please even the manly man!

I love a good salad!  And it seems I always get them at my favorite restaurants, but never to really make them at home.  Therefore, I’ve decided that I will make more “gourmet” salads.  I will be honest with you, I never remember exactly how I do my steak marinades, it’s really depends on what I have in the house at that time and/or what I end up grabbing in the end. … Read More

Dressing up your salad can really improve your meal.  There are so many different ingredients you can add to any salad to spice it up: Fruit, nuts, fresh herbs, the list goes on…  Here’s one of my favorite salads.

This is an easy, fun meal.  You have all your taco goodness in an edible bowl.. what more can you ask for?!