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Looking for something quick?  Prep Time to Eating Time was under 30 minutes!  Who says you need to slave in the kitchen for HOURS to make a delicious meal!!  Great for weeknight dinners!

So anyone who knows me, and my cooking, will know that for the life of me – I CANNOT make rice!  There’s something about now being able to touch it.. it drives me CRAZY! But.. risotto on the other hand, requires a lot of loving! And that’s why I enjoy making it!  I have a few recipes that I make, but the most important thing is to have a good basic risotto… Read More

Again, Chef Michael Smith has shared a quick, easy meal. Prep time – 5 minutes Total Time – 20 minutes I love Salmon! This was very good.  I used Smoked Prosciutto instead, but anything type of prosciutto would work.

As simple as this recipe was, it was absolutely delicious!  Next time I may uses a Cajun or Asian rub, maybe use shrimp, scallops, chicken, vegetables… the list goes on… There is so many possibilities you can do when using a plank.