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Powdered gravies and sauces can save you a lot of time.  I like using them as a base and add my own ingredients to significantly change the sauce to cater to my dish.

A good way to change your stir fry is to serve it with noodles instead of rice.  You can use egg noodles, rice noodles, or regular pasta.  Have fun experimenting!

I’ve had some request to do this recipe for my family the next time they came to visit, therefore I had to try it out first. If you have some time to marinade it first, this thing just makes itself.  Very simple (like I like it, but delicious!)  Seriously, you should try it!  I think next time, I may add some more Bourbon – you can never have too much Bourbon in… Read More

I’m always looking into different ways to bring in veggies into my dinner meals.  This simple, yet delicious dinner salad will please even the manly man!